Oklahoma City Couples Maternity Photographer | David + Ashley

Last December Ashley said “Next time I call you, it WILL be for maternity photos”

Here we are 11 months later and she’s expecting her little girl in January. I couldn’t be more happy for Ashley and David, I love love love that I am able to be a part of such major milestones with my clients, and I am SO crazy excited to meet their little girl next year!


Oklahoma City Family Photographer | Holliday Family

Stephanie Ralls Photography_Christmas_FamilyStephanie Ralls Photography_Christmas_FamilyStephanie Ralls Photography_Christmas_Family

Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer | Roy + Lauren

Just like I expected, Roy and Lauren’s wedding was super relaxed and so much fun! There were lots of laughter and love, no ‘bridezilla’ moments (which is HARD when you’re a bride!), and some of the most helpful bridesmaids I’ve ever been around.Curry-Details_StephanieRallsPhotography-What advice would you give to future brides for their wedding day?
Add an hour to any scheduled time you have set for things such as makeup, hair, getting, dressed, decorating.  Just act as if you are gong to be running late for everything and then hopefully you will be on time!
What advice would you give to future grooms for their wedding day?
Take a deep breath and really enjoy her when she comes down the aisle.  It happens so fast! So if you blink it will be over.
Curry-Details_StephanieRallsPhotography-How did you tame your wedding day nerves?
I drank a lot of coffee and vodka shots. lol  Plus my maid of honor was amazing and really did not let me worry about anything!
Curry-First Look_StephanieRallsPhotography-What one moment will last with you both forever?   
Even though we participated in a first look before the wedding It did not take away from the first time we saw each other during the ceremony.  That moment definitely will last a lifetime. Curry-First Look_StephanieRallsPhotography-Curry-First Look_StephanieRallsPhotography-What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?
The security of knowing that you and this person you just married are bonded together forever.  You will always have another person to depend on and be there for you! you do not have to worry about going through life alone anymore.
Curry-Bridal Party_StephanieRallsPhotography-What was your biggest surprise on your wedding day?
My daddy breaking down and actually showing emotion.  My father is the kind of man that never shows any kind of emotion never cries or kisses you.  And on my wedding day I saw him crying for the first time ever! it was very touching.
Curry-Ceremony_StephanieRallsPhotography- What song did you walk down the aisle to? A string quartet version of Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years What song played for your first dance? Unchained Melody by the Righteous BrothersCurry-Reception_StephanieRallsPhotography-Curry-Reception_StephanieRallsPhotography-Any advice for those planning their wedding now?  
It is not worth stressing over after the fact.  Plan your wedding but make sure you have fun with it.  It comes and goes so quickly that when you look back you will wish you had spent  a little less on those vases and a little more on your new home or whatever you next purchase may be.

Oklahoma City Couples Photographer | Austin + Kaci

I don’t always photograph teenage couples, but when I do, you can bet it’s because one of them is family. I’m such a sucker…ANYWAY! Here’s my little pain in the booty cousin Austin and his adorable girlfriend Kaci. This is the THIRD session we’ve done, I think Kaci may be starting to catch my photo fever ;)


Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer | Craig + Farren

I got a call the night before Craig and Farren’s wedding from the photographer who was scheduled to photograph their big day. She was stuck in California, and would not be able to make it into OKC in time due to storms. We chatted briefly the morning of, and I met Farren for the first time just hours before her ceremony. It was such an honor to be able to capture the day, I never expected having a free Saturday could open up opportunities to helping clients I’d never even met before!

Guthery-2_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-19_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-66_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-234_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-197_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-189_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-139_StephanieRallsPhotography Guthery-156_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-265_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-118_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-305_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-276_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-52_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-317_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-328_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-336_StephanieRallsPhotographyGuthery-362_StephanieRallsPhotography

2013 update | 2014 announcements


You may remember last year I posted “A little more about me” and if you don’t, feel free to peek over if you’d like :)
Either way – It’s time for another update!

In that post, I said my husband Trey and I were “thinking about starting a family” well, that was partially true…but the full truth is, we had already been trying for a while, and were just starting to see a specialist about our infertility issues. This last year has been a whirl wind! With more doctors appointments than I care to admit, tests, several medications, and numerous treatments. In July we were fortunate enough to have a successful IUI, which means I am now the proud carrier of an adorable tiny fetus! We are excited beyond words, and we can’t wait for the arrival of our Little this spring.


*For the curious: I went through Eli Reshef with the Bennett Fertility Institute and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I don’t think we could have found a doctor who was more caring or helpful.

Since this is our first child, we have NO IDEA what parenthood will bring us. Because of this, we have decided to play it safe. Session availability will be limited throughout the Summer and Fall, and I will not be taking on any weddings until late 2014, possibly even early 2015. (If you would like referrals to other local photographers for your wedding – please don’t hesitate to ask! I love sharing!)

Since I will not be booking any weddings, I can open up more availability for my clients who are expecting their own little ones! Stephanie Ralls Photography will be offering a new package option for Expectant Mothers that includes Pregnancy Announcements, Gender Reveals, Maternity, Delivery, and Lifestyle Newborn sessions. It’s going to be huge – keep an eye out for details coming later this year/early next year!

I’m currently working on price adjustments for 2014 – yes adjustments! Some things are lowering, some are raising slightly due to lab costs, and others are simply changing. Sessions will now include ALL of your images for social media sharing (sweet, right?!). 2014 pricing will take affect this winter after holiday sessions have concluded.

I look forward to everything 2014 has in store for us on the home front, as well as the wonderful clients I will have the pleasure of working with :)

     Last but certainly not least – we were lucky enough to book the fabulous Courtney Despain of Oh My Dear Photography for anniversary photos AND she let us bring along our oh-so-cheerful basset, Copper. I’ll leave you here are just a few of my favorites.

    OhMyDear_StephanieRallsPhotography OhMyDear_StephanieRallsPhotographyOhMyDear_StephanieRallsPhotographyOhMyDear_StephanieRallsPhotographyOhMyDear_StephanieRallsPhotography OhMyDear_StephanieRallsPhotography--OhMyDear_StephanieRallsPhotography


Oklahoma City Family Photographer | Pruett Family + Judd’s First Birthday

I had so much fun with this families session! Judd is too stinking cute, and he clearly thinks my jokes are hilarious ;)


SRP_Pruett-1_StephanieRallsPhotography SRP_Pruett-9_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-12--_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-13_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-21_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-23_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-31_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-39_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-43-_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-49_StephanieRallsPhotographySRP_Pruett-55_StephanieRallsPhotography SRP_Pruett-66_StephanieRallsPhotography